Appleton, WI

Ripples of God’s Love,
through our Hearts, to all Hearts

Jesus, our Savior, knows each of us intimately and loves us exactly as we are.
He is real and gives hope, joy, and peace to our lives.
Entrusted with this gift, we are compelled through our relationship with Jesus
to love and serve each other and the world.



Our relationship with Jesus is the most important relationship in our lives. We embrace the Mass, Sacraments, Scripture, and daily prayer to grow with Jesus and each other. 


We strive to be a community of Jesus’ love and hospitality no matter what.


Energized by Jesus’ love, we strive to think, feel, and act like Him. 


As a family of Jesus Christ, led by the Holy Spirit, we serve and support each other to build a strong, compassionate community. 


Jesus sends us to spread the message of His love and mercy to the world.