Appleton, WI

The Lent Garden

Your St. Mary ROCKs Team has created a project that will help you and your family prepare your hearts and minds for Easter!
All families with children ages 3-17 will have a ROCKs Lent bag delivered to their home between Feb. 11-14, 2021.
There will be extra bags in the back of church if you won’t have a bag delivered but would like to participate.

CLICK HERE for a printable instructions/optional activities sheet.

CLICK HERE for a printable journey sheet.


Links for optional YouTube videos


Ash Wednesday and Lent in Two Minutes (2:00 min)

The Temptation of Jesus (2:37 min)

Christ Tempted (8:05 min) *For adults and older kids only

Holy Week in Three Minutes (3:00 min)

God’s Story: Palm Sunday (2:47 min)

Palm Sunday and the Triumphant Delivery into Jerusalem (5:53 min) *For adults and older kids

The Story of Easter – The Last Supper (3:28 min)

Last Supper Reflection (3:06 min)

The Crucifixion for Kids (9:36 min) 

The Crucifixion of Jesus – Jesus of Nazareth (17:19 min) *For adults and older kids

Holy Saturday – The Great Silence (4:09 min)

Jesus’ Resurrection for Kids –The Empty Tomb (5:12 min)

Son of God | Resurrection | 20th Century Fox (5:00 min)