Appleton, WI

Provides people in grades 6-12 from St. Mary and St. Joseph parishes with opportunities for faith formation, leadership development, social activities, retreat opportunities, and service projects. Adult volunteers are encouraged to help provide guidance to all our youth.

Chaperone for Summer Trips/Youth Events:  Adults supervise or facilitate youth events or help with food.

Middle School Advisory Team:  Team of both adults and middle school youth meets to create goals, share ideas, and plan events.

Wednesday Night Gathering Supervisor:  Oversee and set out snacks for high school youth gatherings between class sessions, 5:35-6:35 pm, one or more times per year.

Small Group Retreat Leader:  Lead small groups on retreats.  High School Leaders work middle school retreats.  To explore youth ministry opportunities, use the link

CYO Coach: Coach high school youth on Saturdays, November-February.