Appleton, WI

November 7 Homily Connect

Scripture: 1Kgs 17:10-16 Heb 9:24-28    Mk 12:38-44

Thomas Lane Butt’s Story

  • Five people froze to death around a campfire on bitter cold nigh
  • Each had a stick to contribute to the fire but refused for their own reason
  • A woman would not share stick because of an African American in the circle
  • A homeless man would not share because there was a rich man in the circle
  • A rich man would not share because someone in the circle was obviously shiftless/lazy 
  • The African American who not share to punish all the white people in the circle
  • The fire went out

Why They Died

  • Not only died from the outside cold but also the cold within
  • From their pride and prejudice, 
  • From lack of trust in each other, their God and humanity

How About Us?

  • What are the walls of pride and prejudice that we need to break down?
  • What do we need to build trust with fellow humans or trust in God?

The Book Kings – The Widow

  • She put her trust in Elijah, a stranger
  • She showed hospitality with a cup of water
  • She baked a cake as asked trusting what the Lord spoke to Elijah
  • The jar of flour and jug of oil never went dry
  • Because of God’s generosity, the ate without worry

What About Us

  • We are to live our vocation to trust and serve God with a humble and generous heart
  • Are we a trusting, giving and hospitable people?
  • When we came to church today, did we greet someone we did not know-make them feel welcome?

The Gospel – Another Widow

  • She put everything she had in the temple treasure-her whole livelihood 
  • She trusted totally in the Lord

To Be Like Jesus – Live Like Jesus We Need To:

  • Trust – is an essential component to living like Jesus
  • If we cannot trust in ourselves, others or God we can live in isolation, run in fear
  • Be Present –to others to care for and walk with through joys, pains, struggle
  • Be Merciful – show companion an empathy to others
  • Be Grateful – for everything God has given us 

Gathered Around the Alter In Gratitude 

  • We give thanks and praise to our God for the gift of Jesus
  • For the gift of the Eucharist
  • The gifts we all have because of God’s generosity

Let Us Pray

  • That we see people as people-as a brother or sister
  • To not sit around a campfire and die from within still holding on to our sticks

As We Begin A New Liturgical Year in Three Weeks

  • Let it be our goal to become like Jesus and to live like Jesus



Questions for Reflection

  • What impacted you from the readings/homily?
  • What causes you to hold your generosity back?
  • Which of the following qualities of Jesus are the easiest and most difficult: Trust, Gratitude, Mercy or Presence?  Why?
  • Are you planning on setting any goals for Advent?



Live Connected: Take one of the qualities of Jesus and pray for guidance in growing stronger in that quality, this week.