Appleton, WI

May 30 Homily Connect: The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity Sunday

Scripture: Dt 4:32-34   Rom 8:14-17   Mt 28:16-20

In The Gospel

  • The disciples went, saw, worshiped but still doubted


  • We celebrate a basic doctrine of our faith – The Most Holy Trinity
  •  Yet we doubt
  • It is hard to comprehend the three distinct persons of Father, Son and Spirit

The Trinity

  • Share the same Divine Nature as God
  • Are co-equal – co eternal as reflected in the Creed

The Catechism of the Catholic Church States – Trinity

  • Is a central mystery
  • Is the source of all other mysteries
  • Not meant to be understood with our minds
  • Meant to be lived through our hearts living out the Gospel message of Jesus

In the New Testament

  • We see the Trinity working in unison
  • Annunciation – Father sends the angel Gabriel to Mary
  • Through the Holy Spirit – Jesus became flesh
  • Jesus’ baptism – The Holy Spirit appears
  • Ascension – Jesus gives missionary call to go forth in the name of the Trinity

Sacramental Life of our Church

  • Mass we begin with- Trinitarian Formula – Sign of the Cross
  • Baptism, Marriage, Reconciliation, Confirmation – We are signed with the Cross

Sign of the Cross – Stories

  • Represents our relationship with God-extended to love of thy neighbor
  • Met a parishioner at the cemetery visiting spouse’s grave
  • Shared when parking at the cemetery he would see three tall pines
  • Pines reminded him of Trinity – he would pray a prayer
  • With open eyes we can see many examples of the Trinity around us
  • Cutting up apples for the grandkids – I am grateful
  • The peel is the Father – Creator holding us together
  • The flesh is Jesus the Son who nourishes us
  • The seeds are the Holy Spirit – love, peace, joy, kindness, generosity

The Trinity is – A Model of Love

  • The Father’s love for the Son
  • The Son’s reciprocating love to the Father
  • Their love that radiates to the Spirit
  • A tri-fold love that the Spirit sends upon each of us
  • Each one is made in the image and likeness
  • We are reflections of the Trinity, in body, soul, spirit
  • We are a temple of the Holy Spirit

Today We Give Thanks – Let’s Pray

  • We become a model of love like the Trinity
  • We go forth like the disciples to become ripples of the Gospel
  • We fulfill Jesus’ mission and our parish mission
  • What might you do this week?

Questions for Reflection

  • What impacted you from today’s Readings and/or homily?
  • How do you understand the Trinity? Which person of the Trinity do you find it the easiest to be in conversation with?
  • How do you understand or have you experienced the Trinity as a model of love?

Live Connected

Prayerfully consider how the Trinity can inspire you to be a ripple of HOPE, of love, of compassion, and outreach for others. Act upon it!