Appleton, WI

May 12: Day by Day with Father Bill


Allah Castles      
     by Faisal Mohyuddin
are what my son,
with a 5-year-old’s

sweetness, calls every
house of worship,

is how I can tell
he is a traveler too.

O, how many times
I’ve performed salah 1

in empty churches,
whispered ameen

at mass, made wudu 2
before holding

the Torah or the 
Guru Granth Sahib 3,
nodded reverently
at the statue of Ganesh 4
in my best friend’s
home. God is God

is God, is a wisdom
my son’s already

divided, that echoes
through the spaciousness

of his wonder. When
I lie beside him

tonight, recite 
Ayat al-Kursi, 5
then blow its protective
blessings over his

beaming face, his
growing body,

I too think of Allah,
of His many castles,

His singular Throne.

1 to offer a blessing
2 to wash
3 the scriptures of our Sikh sisters and brothers
4 the Hindu god of beginnings
5 the Throne verse of the Quran, which declares that nothing or nobody is regarded to be comparable to God