Appleton, WI

April 12: Day by Day with Father Bill


-from Pope Francis’ Easter Homily this year
This is the third message of Easter: Jesus, the Risen Lord, loves us without limits and is there at every moment of our lives. Having made himself present in the heart of our world, he invites us to overcome barriers, banish prejudices and draw near to those around us every day in order to rediscover the grace of everyday life. Let us recognize him here in our Galilees, in everyday life. With him, life will change. For beyond all defeats, evil and violence, beyond all suffering and death, the Risen One lives and guides history. Dear brother, dear sister: if on this night you are experiencing an hour of darkness, a day that has not yet dawned, a light dimmed or a dream shattered, open your heart with amazement to the message of Easter: Do not be afraid, he has risen! He awaits you in Galilee.” Your expectations will not remain unfulfilled, your tears will be dried, your fear will be replaced by hope. For the Lord goes ahead of you, he walks before you. And, with him, life begins anew.
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