Appleton, WI

March 4: Day by Day with Father Bill


A Reflection on the Cross by Steve Stockman
When you feel you are always one step behind
You’re arriving for the just departed train
When the slowest car on the road, it seems
Is as the end of the passing lane
Two twigs entwined
By a piece of string
Puts perspective on everything
And I believe
Yes, I believe.
When life doesn’t have to, but it still does
And you forget the beauty of her face
When the golden valley is shrouded in mist
And imagination is all laid to waste
The sweetest taste
Of bread and wine
Says a better day is mine
And I believe
Yes, I believe.
When the prickly thorns of the truth
Are sharper that the smell of the rose
Weeds strangle all the flowers of hope
When God only knows
A carved wooden cross
So cherishly honed 
Tells my soul I am not alone
And I believe
Yes, I believe.
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