Appleton, WI

Dec 28: Day by Day with Father Bill


from Elizabeth Scalia, columnist for Word on Fire
When we are in need, suffering in any manner, our very first action should be toward the invisible – calling out to God, asking for help, clarity, wisdom, the strong assist. There is an internet meme floating around with a quote attributed to St. Teresa of Avila: You pay God a compliment by asking great things of Him. I don’t know whether she actually said that but it does sound like her, and either way, the sentiment is on point; we honor God in this way, by believing his promise to us. Then the direction will come and it always does come, if we remain alert. It may appear in an unexpected conversation, a road sign, a song on the radio, or something we find in a closet while looking for something else. See, that’s the way we “help ourselves” – by first calling upon the Lord for his help, and believing his promise that he will come. He does come, always.
Come, Lord Jesus, into my worldly doubt and distraction. Let the angel who stands before your throne and at your manger be the steady prompter reminding me to first look to you for help, before any other. May I grow more attentive, that I may better see your workings within my life, that my dependence and my faith may flourish and give testimony to the world that you are always faithful. I will fear not, because you are with me. Amen.
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