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Nov 7: Day by Day with Father Bill


-from Blessed Concepcion Cabrera de Armida (affectionately called Conchita, a Mexican Roman Catholic laywoman, mystic and writer of the twentieth century):

As for you, how are you? Very brave, very confident, very generous, and at peace? I accept this of you and pray the Lord that you profit by these crosses for your soul’s sake: why not, if Jesus loves you so that he wishes to give you a drop from his chalice, a thorn from his crown? Courage! The cross carries him [her] who carries it with love. Who would fear anything at Jesus’ side and in his company? Love him a great deal, let him love you, boldly ask him to love you, care for you, embrace you, hug you to his loving heart, because his delight is being with the [children of humankind.] Become a little child, throw yourself into his arms! It pleases him that we need him, that we request, that we confide in his tenderness and in his love! The poorer we are, the more we have a right to his caresses and his graces! . . . O how good Jesus is! In his arms what can you fear! Inside his heart, what can you lack. Oh, how good Jesus is: he looks for pretexts to pour out his favors upon us! Who can ever outdo his thoughtfulness and his incomparable sweetness?

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