Appleton, WI

Oct 15: Day by Day with Father Bill


-From St Teresa of Avila, The Way of Perfection

Do you suppose it is of little consequence whether or not you know what this heaven is, and where you must seek your most holy Father? I assure you that it is most important for restless minds not only to know this but to realize it by experience, for it is a most efficient means of concentrating the thoughts, and of recollecting the soul. You know that God is everywhere, which is most true. Now, the place in which the king dwells is called his court: so, wherever God dwells, here is heaven, and you may feel sure that all which is glorious is near His Majesty. Remember what St Augustine tells us – I think it comes in his Meditations; how he sought God in many places and at last found the Almighty within himself. It is of no slight importance for a soul given to wandering thoughts to realize this truth and to see that it has no need to go to heaven in order to speak to the eternal Father or to enjoy His company: nor is it requisite to raise the voice to address Him, for He hears every whisper however low. We are not forced to take wings to find Him, but have only to seek solitude and to look within ourselves. You need not be overwhelmed with confusion before so kind a Guest, but, with utter humility, talk to Him as to your Father: ask for what you want as from a father: tell Him your sorrows and beg Him for relief, realizing at the same time that you are unworthy to be called His daughter [son].

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