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Aug 8: Day by Day with Father Bill


The following is taken from a Year with the Eucharist, Paul Jerome Keller, OP (Order of Preachers, the Dominicans):

The four ends of the [Mass] [adoration, thanksgiving, reparation, petition] embrace in themselves all possible ends, which fall within the sphere of our Faith, Hope, and Charity. We can find them ceaselessly repeated in the Liturgy, like a kind of keynote which attunes us much more to the thought of God than all the details of our personal intentions. No greater sign of devotion to our Lord and his Church can be given than the surrender of our personal interests and their absorption in the universal interests of God. That act of our prayer thus expands to the measure of the Church itself; it sheds its imperfections and its narrowness; it loses itself in the great harmony of adoration, reparation, petition, and thanksgiving, which rings unceasingly in the ears of God.
—-Father Humbert Clerissac, OP, The Spirit of Saint Dominic

Here is Archbishop Mark with Part VI of the Mass Series from the Archdiocese of Brisbane, Australia.

II. Liturgy of the Word. The Homily

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