Appleton, WI

Aug 23: Day by Day with Father Bill


Joy goes beyond happiness. Joy is the happiness that does not depend on what happens. It springs from gratefulness. When we begin to take things for granted, we get sucked into boredom. Boredom is deadly. Yet, everything within us longs for life, life in fullness.” (John 10:10) The key to life in fullness is gratefulness.
(from The Way of Silence: Engaging the Sacred in Daily Life by Brother David Steindl-Rast)

Here is the link to the digitally recreated image of Jesus that I referred to in this weekend’s homily.

Finally, I would like to note that last Sunday evening’s Mass at 6:30 pm had at most 30 people as compared to nearly 100 at the 9:45 am Mass. This evening Mass may be an experience you may be more comfortable attending because there are fewer people who are even more spread out through the body of the Church.

Happy Sunday!

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