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Aug 19: Day by Day with Father Bill


Through compassion it is possible to recognize that the craving for love that people feel resides also in our own hearts, that the cruelty that the world knows all too well is rooted in our own impulses. Through compassion we also sense our hope for forgiveness in our friends’ eyes and our hatred in their bitter mouths. When they kill, we know that we could have done it; when they give life, we know that we can do the same. For a compassionate [person] nothing human is alien, no joy and no sorrow, no way of living and no way of dying.
(from The Wounded Healer by Father Henri Nouwen)

Here is Archbishop Mark Coleridge’s conclusion to the Mass Series from the Archdiocese of Brisbane, Australia).

IV. Concluding Rites.

I hope and pray that this Mass Series touched your heart and opened your mind to a greater understanding of the beauty and grace which is the Mass. Let us take to heart our mission to go out and be Jesus among our family, friends, co-workers, and sisters and brothers in every part of our world!

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