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Advent Homily Series 4 of 4

Forth Sunday of Advent, December 22, 2019.

Catch up on the first three messages first:
Week 1
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Week 3

IS 7:10-14 |  ROM 1:1-7  |  MT 1:18-24

Discussion Questions

  1. Who is my protector(s)? Who do I protect?
  2. Was there a time when I did not have a protector? Describe.
  3. How does having a protector affect my life?
  4. How does being a protector affect my life?
  5. How was Joseph a model for Jesus?
  6. Where do I see others who do not have a protector?
  7. What are some ways that I could become a protector in my circumstances?
  8. What are the blessings and the challenges of being a protector?
  9. How have I been entrusted to be like Joseph?

Living Connected

Simply ways to keep the message alive during the week:

  • Create a list of your protectors in your life. Offer a prayer of gratitude for them or express your gratitude to them.
  • Think of modern day men and women in your life who offer protection in unique ways. Consider their activities.
  • Make a note to yourself this week and put it in a visible place asking God to give you insight into someone who might need your protection today.
  • When given insight, reread Joesph Protects and Becoming a Protector and consider two concrete ways to offer protection to someone new.

Message Highlights

  • Kingdom of God: A way of living together in peace, joy and forgiveness
  • Entrusted: To be given responsibility for custody of i.e. we have been entrusted to bring Jesus to our world in our generation
  • Joseph Protects: Silently, humbly, discreetly, with unfailing presence, with utter fidelity, open to God’s presence and God’s will, aware of his surroundings and circumstances.
  • Becoming a Protector: Building sincere relationships in which we protect one another in trust, respect and goodness.
  • Scripture Focus: When Joseph awoke, he did as the angel of the Lord commanded him and took his wife into his home. MT 11:24
  • Attitude/Heart Change: To open my eyes to all those who God is asking me to protect in my surroundings and beyond
  • Action/Life Change: To acknowledge someone (new) in my circumstances who might need protecting and become the heart, hands or voice for them

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