Appleton, WI

We have all seen parades either in person or on TV. There is a big one on Thanksgiving as well as other holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day and the Fourth of July. Often there are also parades for our sport’s teams when they do well. We go to them or watch them on TV to see the floats, the bands and especially the people in them like our political leaders, celebrities, sports heroes, pageant winners, police, fire and military personnel and even Santa Claus. When they pass-by everyone claps, cheers and waves. Parades are especially exciting when you are there in person and get to see these people up close.

Such a parade is what we remember today. People lined the streets of Jerusalem because they wanted to see Jesus. They were excited to be in his presence. They, too, clapped, cheered and waved. In the gospel we hear that they shouted, “Hosanna, to the King!” and they waved palm branches as well as put them on the ground to make the path easier for Jesus.

Today we also begin Holy Week which is why we heard a second gospel about Jesus’ death. Jesus’ death was the biggest sign of His love for us. He died for our sins because He loved us so much.

Between today and next Sunday, Easter, when we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, there are many sad events that we will remember. Today, though, we are happy to see our King! It must have made him very happy to see the many people who loved him as he rode in that parade. It must have made it a bit easier to face the death that he knew was coming.

Discussion Questions

  1. What do you think the people who were at the procession felt? Why did they wave palms and lay them on the path?
  2. How do you think it made Jesus feel to see all of those people? Why would He feel that way?