Appleton, WI

June 15: Day by Day with Father Bill


Dew by Ruth Pitter, a British poet, 1897-1992
Secret and still, as the light goes,
Soundless the dew falls, not like rain;
Freshness of violet, richness of rose,
Bloom on the blade of the green grain,
Misty and waxen veil of the beautiful heath,
Incense-tear from the cedar, weeping its balm,
Pearl on the cheek of the peach, film of the breath
Of the cold night coming with gradual calm;
Dew with the stillness, dew with the chill of death,
Falling in failing light, as the voices cease;
Dew, the water of life, the pardon, the peace.
Note: In Eucharistic Prayer II at Mass, we pray, “Make holy, therefore, these gifts, we pray, by sending down your Spirit upon them like the dewfall, that they may become for us the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
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