Appleton, WI

Apr 25 Homily Connect: Ministry

April 25, 2021 – Fourth Sunday of Easter – Ministry

Scripture: Acts 4:8-12, 1Jn 3:12, John 10:11-18

In the Name of Jesus (Acts 3:6)

  • I have neither silver nor gold, but what I do have I give to you in the name of Jesus Christ the Nazorean (Acts 3:6)
  • Peter spoke through the Holy Spirit to the crippled outcast man as he raised him up
  • Today’s reading of Acts says our salvation comes at the name of Jesus-meaning Lord Saves

Then and Now

  • THEN John and Peter carried out Jesus’ ministry sharing His Name and reaching out to those in need
  • NOW we are called to share his name and to care for one another
  • We are called by our baptism to be a Christian witness-imitating Jesus THEN
  • Ministering to those most in need NOW
  • We are called to wash each other’s feet no matter how dirty

Ministry – A Way of Life

  • Spreading the message of Jesus’ love, compassion, mercy and forgiveness
  • In word, works and action to all people

The Letter of John

  • We are all called children of God – not just some of us
  • God loves unconditionally and sent Jesus for all
  • Jesus shows us in scripture repeatedly how to care and minister to one another
  • Jesus calls us to listen, support, encourage and lift each other up no matter our differences

Would We?

  • Come to the aid of someone who is being treated unjustly
  • Consider the woman in New York who was kicked and stomped upon and no one helped
  • Would you have helped her?
  • Would we help someone in need of a visit, a ride, a meal a call?
  • Would we share our Jesus story with someone who struggling with faith?
  • Consider the article in the Post Crescent about our own Mike and Melanie Mailand

The Good Shepherd-Jesus

  • If we choose, he will lead us to hope, joy and peace
  • If we choose, he will lead us away from the secular wolves of false hopes and dreams which lead to disappointment
  • Let us not be the wolves that lead others astray and into sin and despair

Lord Make me an Instrument

  • Where the is hatred-love, injury pardon, doubt-faith, despair-hope, darkness-light, sadness-joy

As We Gather Today Let Us Pray

  • That we now live out Jesus’ challenge NOW to become the voice, hands, eyes, feet, ears, heart and touch
  • That we wash other’s FEET IN THE Name of Jesus Christ

Questions for Reflection

  • What impacted you from today’s Readings and/or homily?
  • How do you share Jesus’ ministry in the NOW?
  • When you share in Jesus’ ministry, do you consciously do it in Jesus’ Name? Do you share what the Name of Jesus means to you with others?
  • Would you have helped the young woman in New York? Do you see everyone as a child of God? Are you willing to minister unconditionally NOW as Jesus did, THEN?
  • How do you avoid the wolves today and act as an instrument of peace?

Live Connected

Consider how you do ministry in your life NOW. Is it what God is calling you to do? Do you have passion for your ministry? Are you being nudged by God in any other direction?