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Jan. 21: Day by Day with Father Bil


-from “Love Letters from God” by Father Dan Horan, OFM

If prayer is relationship, the dynamic communication of one’s self to God, the Scripture might be something like love letters from God. Just as one person passes on, in an historical, tangible way, his or her feelings for the person he or she is dating so, too, the Christian community passes on the stories of the community’s experience of God in an historical and tangible way. Just as you can come to know much about the relationship between two people by reading their love letters, so, too, we can learn a lot about our relationship with God and the history of that experience through Scripture. Just as there are a variety of forms such communication can take between those dating (poetry, prose, laundry lists of information, journals, and so on), so, too, Scripture conveys the experience of relationship with God in manifold ways.

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