Appleton, WI

Aug 24: Day by Day wtih Father Bill


For the month of October 2018, Pope Francis and representative Bishops from throughout the world met with young people in Rome to discuss the joys and struggles of life and life in the church. As Pope Francis accompanied these young people, he listened with his heart. His response to that Synod Meeting was to write a letter to young people, which he entitled, “Christ Is Alive!”

I would like to begin a thread that we will follow for some time in these Day by Day Messages. It may not be continuous, however, as other events may intervene. I would like to share with you Pope Francis’ understanding of the Good News.

So let us begin.

The very first truth I would tell each of you is this: “God loves you.” It makes no difference whether you have already heard it or not. I want to remind you of it. God loves you. Never doubt this, whatever may happen to you in life. At every moment, you are infinitely loved. Perhaps your experience of fatherhood has not been the best. Your earthly father may have been distant or absent, or harsh and domineering. Or maybe he was just not the father you needed. I don’t know. But what I can tell you, with absolute certainty, is that you can find security in the embrace of your heavenly Father, of the God who first gave you life and continues to give it to you at every moment. He will be your firm support, but you will also realize that he fully respects your freedom.

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