Appleton, WI

Homily Connect: Apr 5

Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion

MT 21:1-11 IS 50:4-7 PHIL 2:6-11 MT 26:14-27:66

Mass will live-stream here at 9:45 AM on Sunday
The video will also be available to re-watch after Mass.

A Palm/Passion Sunday Meditation from Pope Francis (2014)

We heard the Passion of Jesus so we have to ask:

  • Who am I: before my Lord, before the Jesus who enters Jerusalem by way of an enthusiastic crowd?
  • Am I ready: to express my joy, to praise the Lord? Do I stand back?
  • Who am I before the suffering Jesus?

The names of those against Jesus: religious Leaders, some priests, the Pharisees, teachers of the law

  • Am I like one of them?
  • Do I pride myself in following all the Church’s rules and look down with disgust on those who do not?
  • Is there any tinge of self-righteousness in my heart?

The name of Judas (thirty pieces of silver) Am I like Judas who:

  • Feigns love and kisses for the Master and then betrays him?
  • Am I a traitor?

The name of the Disciples-Peter, James, John who understand nothing, could not pray and fell asleep

  • Has my life fallen asleep?
  • Am I generous with spending my precious time with Jesus in prayer?
  • Am I a disciple who runs away when I do not accept what he asks of me?
  • Do I want to settle everything with a sword?

The name of the Tribunal

  • Do I hastily summon a group and seek false witness?
  • Do I bend the truth for my own purposes and think I am serving others?

The name of Pilate

  • Do I wash my hands of difficult situations allowing others to be condemned?
  • Do I condemn them myself?

The Crowd-not sure if they were at a religious meeting, a rally, a trial or a circus

  • Was it more interesting and entertaining to choose Barabbas?

The Soldiers

  • Do I find entertainment in humiliating Jesus?
  • Have I ever humiliated or berated anyone?

The Cyrenean-a weary and tired man

  • Would I be good enough to help Jesus carry his cross?

The Mockers-He was so courageous! Let him come down from the cross and then we will believe him!

  • Do I walk by the cross and mock Jesus?

The Fearless Women who suffered in silence

  • Am I able to be one with others who are suffering terribly?

Joseph, the hidden disciple who lovingly carries the body of Jesus to its burial

  • Do I hold back in sharing my Jesus story?

The Two Marys who remained weeping and praying

  • Am I able to weep with others and for others?
  • Do I ask Jesus for the gift of tears on these days?

The Frightened Leaders to Pilate Look, this man said he was going to rise again. We cannot let
another fraud take place.

  • Do I block life?
  • Do I block the tomb in order to maintain rules and old traditions?


  • Where is my heart?
  • When Jesus looks down from the cross, where am I standing?