Appleton, WI

January 9 Homily Connect

HOMILY CONNECT–JANUARY 9, 2022 FEAST OF THE BAPTISM OF THE LORD Scripture: Is 42:1-4, 6-7   Acts 10:34-38   Lk 3:15-16, 21-22   WHAT IS A PHILTRUM? It is that tiny indentation or grove in the upper lip of every human person Our Jewish sisters and brothers tell a holy story about the philtrum, which we received […]

January 2 Homily Connect

The Epiphany of the Lord A Prophet of the Present Franciscan Friar, Fr. Richard Rohr Founder of Center for Action and Contemplation – Albuquerque, NM He does creative theology-stretches the minds and hearts of those who follow his work His latest book called The Universal Christ – masterpiece- can open up our small understanding of […]

December 19 Homily Connect

Watching for the Light – Week 2: Mary, Our Humble Handmaid THIS LIGHT OF MINE – A SING ALONG This LIGHT of mine, I need to let it SHINE. This LIGHT of mine, I need to let it SHINE. This LIGHT of mine, I need to let it SHINE, let it SHINE, let it SHINE, […]

December 12 Homily Connect

WATCHING FOR THE LIGHT – WEEK 3: GRINCHES NEED NOT APPLY IT’S THE TIME TO GET IN TOUCH WITH OUR NEW FOUND JOY For Jesus’ friends and followers Jesus becoming human is an occasion for joy We’re eager to sing “Joy to the World!” In these difficult times we long for a newfound joy that […]

December 5 Homily Connect

Watching for the Light – Week 2: Here Comes Everybody My Life in the 80’s – A Scientist and Wanna be Theologian Sitting with a diocesan board waiting to be vetted for graduate studies for priesthood. This board is tasked with responsibility of judging my responsibility for priestly ministry Some struggled with my strong background […]

November 28 Homily Connect

Watching for The Light – Week 1  The All-Ready, Not-Yet Kingdom THE LAST JUDGEMENT PAINTING BY WASSILY KANDINSKI Notice bright primary colors, opaque black shapes, heavy black lines Contrasts catch our attention Blue angel facing upper right corner blowing trumpet heralding the last judgement Possibly Luke’s last judgement frightening, redemptive, tumultuous, glorious Notice two forms-red […]

November 14 Homily Connect

Surveys and Me Used broad strokes on surveys among priests ordained in 60’s/ 70’s to last decade A thousand Catholic priests across our nation responded to the survey I never received one – Truth-Not a good responder to surveys Much information to be gleaned from comparing younger/older priests and more conservative priests – who tend […]

November 7 Homily Connect

Scripture: 1Kgs 17:10-16 Heb 9:24-28    Mk 12:38-44 Thomas Lane Butt’s Story Five people froze to death around a campfire on bitter cold nigh Each had a stick to contribute to the fire but refused for their own reason A woman would not share stick because of an African American in the circle A homeless […]

October 31 Homily Connect

Diving Into Our Vision: Worship – Hearts United Along the Way Scripture: Dt 6:2-6 Heb 7:23-28 Mk 12:28b-34 A Fr. Henri Nouwen Story A little boy was watching a sculptor at work. For weeks, this sculptor kept chipping away at a big block of marble. After a few weeks, he created a beautiful marble lion. […]

October 24 Homily Connect

THIRTIETH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME  DIVING INTO OUR VISION MISSION: THE MASS IS ALL ABOUT MISSION  Scripture: Jer 31:7-9   Heb 5:1-6    Mk 10:46-52   America Magazine – James Keane – An Image Several summers ago, I was walking up Sixth Avenue in Manhattan after work when I was passed by a man standing […]