Appleton, WI

Liturgy Committee:  Adults and youth 16 years and older help prepare, coordinate and facilitate faith-filled and meaningful Masses, liturgical functions, prayer services, and devotions.  The committee meets monthly September-May.

Communion Minister: Confirmed parishioners willing to distribute the Body and Blood of our Lord at weekend Masses on a rotating basis throughout the year.  Training is provided.

Lector: Men, women and youth age 16 and older to proclaims the Scripture readings, lead Prayers of the Faithful (when Deacon is not present) and closing announcements at weekend Masses as scheduled on a rotating basis throughout the year.  Lectors are trained and receive helpful materials.

Altar Server:  Assist the Presider at the altar during Mass.  Ages 9-99.  Great family ministry for parent-child, grandparent-grandchild.  Children must be at least 9 years old by September 1.  Training is provided.

Mass Server for Funerals: Men or women willing to be called on short notice to assist at Funeral liturgies typically 10:30 a.m. or 11:00 a.m. Monday through Saturday.

Hospitality Minister/(Usher):  Men, women and youth with warm smiles and hearts to welcome those coming to Mass.   Assist in serving the faith community as needed (i.e. seating, collection, etc).  Scheduled as teams on a monthly rotating basis. Training is provided.

Hospitality Minister/(Usher Sub):  Men and women willing to usher when needed.  Training is provided.

Altar Preparers/Greeters:  Beginning 20 minutes before Mass, welcomes everyone entering the church.  Prepare the altar with corporal and candles for Liturgy of the Eucharist. Scheduled on a rotating basis.

Gift Bearers/Greeters: Beginning 20 minutes before Mass, welcomes everyone entering church.  Present the gifts of bread and wine to the Presider to be transformed into Christ’s Body and Blood.  Scheduled on a rotating basis.

Liturgy Set-up: Assist in setting up credence table, vessels, candles, lights, etc. for weekend liturgies.  Training is provided.

Cleaning the Church: Help to clean and dust the sacristy and sanctuary, church body, Marian Way and Holy Family Chapel.  People scheduled on a rotating basis.

Tidy Pews/Change Songbooks:  Individuals are scheduled on a rotating basis to help tidy up the church pews by straightening books, envelopes, flyers, etc.  Songbooks are changed annually.

Launder Small and Large Church Linens, Altar Cloths, Seasonal Fabrics and Server Albs:  Handling instructions will be provided by the parish.

Starching Corporal Cloths:  Quarterly launder and starch the Corporal Cloths (which hold remnants of the Body and Blood of Christ).  Instructions are provided by parish.

Sewing/Repairing altar linens:  Simple hemming and repair.  People are called upon as needed.

Church Decorators: Help decorate for special feasts and seasons following directions of the design committee.

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