Appleton, WI

Core Committee:  Focused on families with a new child.  The committee also offers support to families that have experienced the loss of a child and organizes events and the volunteers involved in Elizabeth Ministry.  Includes visits, gifts, resources, prayer support, sewing, crafts, and fundraising.

Visitors:  Person visits women of our parish during special times of motherhood including pregnancy, birth, miscarriage, and infant loss.  Gift and resource kits are presented on behalf of St. Mary to the woman being visited. Visitors are simply asked to share their presence and experiences in the hope they can support, encourage, console, and bring healing to other women.

Sewing/Crafting:  Crafty people sew, knit, crochet baby items or craft items on an as needed basis.

Card-Making/Stamping:  Individual makes various cards to be included in our gift and resource kits for baptism, sympathy and prayer.  Parishioners with stamping skills are needed.

Preparation of Gift/Resource Kits:  Meets on occasional weekdays to assemble gift/resource kits for our visitors to distribute.

Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Cards:  Artistic people to prepare or sell cards after Masses late April/May/June for Mother’s day and Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Kisses:  Prepare or hand out Hershey kiss bundles after Masses on Father’s Day weekend.