Appleton, WI


Flex your discipleship muscles

Make 2020 the year for your most important strength training, physician’s permission not required.


Is there more to life than this? Relax with food, a video and discussion. For all parishioners, friends and family. No need to be Catholic or a parish member of St. Mary.

4:30 pm or 6:30pm at St. Joe and 6:30pm at St. Mary (drop-in for Faith Formation Parents/Guardians), beginning January 15 with drop-ins available through April 18

11 am at St. Joe and 6 pm at St. Mary, beginning January 16 through March 19

11 am at St. Mary (following 9:45 am Mass) and Sundays 4:30 pm (before 6:30 pm Mass) at St. Joe. beginning January 19 through March 22

Hybrid Alpha (meets in person one week and virtually in a closed Facebook group the next week), beginning January 20 through March 23

Contact Mary Ann Otto with questions or to sign up. or at the Parish office: (920) 739-5119

Continue the discipleship pathway

Join the Alpha team. Be a host, make a meal, or help with set up and clean up. Become part of the movement to bring others to a relationship with Jesus by serving those who come after you. Service is part of the pathway! A specific sign up for each location and time will be available for all disciples and disciples in the making. Contact Mary Ann Otto with questions or at the Parish office: (920) 739-5119

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