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April 3 Homily Connect

HOMILY REFLECTION GUIDE APRIL 3, 2022: FIFTH SUNDAY OF LENT, CYCLE C WHO IS WITHOUT SIN?: SOLIDARITY WITH EVERYONE (Suggested opening and closing prayers are on the second page) ALL ALONE IN A HOSTILE CROWD • Think of the woman dragged out in public and her sin announced to everyone who gathers. • There is […]

March 27 Homily Connect

HOMILY FOR MARCH 27, 2022: FOURTH SUNDAY OF LENT, CYCLE C THE FORGIVING FATHER: GOD’S TENDER CARE FOR ALL OF CREATION (Opening and Closing Prayers on back) GOD’S GENEROSITY  The Lord never holds back in the pouring of blessings upon us, just as the father of the prodigal son generously gave him his inheritance.  […]

March 20 Homily Connect

HOMILY FOR MARCH 20, 2022: THIRD SUNDAY OF LENT GOD HEARS THE CRY OF THE POOR: GOD’S PREFERENCE FOR COMPASSION   Discussion (The Opening and Closing Prayer are on the second page of this document)   I Have Heard the Cries of the Poor The artist, Kelly Latimore’s painting of Mary holding Jesus, who is […]

March 6 Homily Connect

HOMILY FOR MARCH 6, 2022: FIRST SUNDAY OF LENT LET MY PEOPLE GO: THE SACRED DIGNITY OF PERSONS   Opening Prayer   Eternal God, creator and sustainer of life,   Bless me with the courage to defend all life from conception to natural death. Bless me with the strength to respect all peoples from east […]

February 27 Homily Connect

HOMILY CONNECT–FEBRUARY 27 2022 EIGHTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME Scripture: 1Sm 27:4-7   1Cor 15:54-58   LK 6:39-45   BRIAN MCKEEVER –AN AMAZING STORY Most decorated Paralympian in Para Cross Country Skiing Visually impaired – only 10% vision – lost sight at age 19 –degenerative eye disease His brother trains with him and is his eyes-he guides […]

February 20 Homily Connect

SEVENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME THERE IS THIS STORY Two brothers on neighboring farms fell into conflict after 40 years They share machinery, labor, goods – no conflict Small misunderstanding grew into a major difference – tempers exploded – then silence One morning a carpenter was at the door of the older brother seeking work-who […]

February 6 Homily Connect

FIFTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME  Scripture Is 6:1-2a-3-8   1Cor 15:1-11   LK 5:1-11 WAY BACK WHEN Before I officially became your shepherd, I met with the Leadership Team  Talked about knowing why we do what we do- it’s more important than how we do it Jesus is the ground from which all ministry grows – […]

January 30 Homily Connect

HOMILY CONNECT–JANUARY 30, 2022 – FOURTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME Scripture Jer 1:4-5 1Cor 12:31 – 13:13 LK 4:21-30 A LITTLE PARABLE Once there was a town in which all of the inhabitants were blind. A king with his entourage arrived one day with a mighty elephant which he used to impress his subjects. The […]

January 23 Homily Connect

HOMILY CONNECT–JANUARY 23, 2022 – THIRD SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME Scripture: Neh 8:2-4a, 5-6, 8-10 1 Cor 12:12-30 Lk 1:1-4; 4:14-21 IN THE BEGINNNING – THE BEGINNING OF ST. JOHN’S GOSPEL In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Today the church celebrates Sunday of the […]

January 16 Homily Connect

HOMILY CONNECT–JANUARY 16, 2022 – Second Sunday in ordinary time Scripture: Is 62:1-5   1Cor 12:4-11   Jn 2:1-11   REMEMBER MALCOM GUITE – ANGLICAN PRIEST IN CAMBRIDGE ENGLAND? From his book: Sounding the Seasons: Seventy Sonnets for the Christian Year. “The Miracle at Cana” Here’s an epiphany to have and hold, A truth that you can […]