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Homily Connect

Homily Connect: Mar 29

Fifth Sunday in Lent EZ 37:12-14 | ROM 8:8-11 | JN 11:1-45 Mass will live-stream here at 9:45 AM on Sunday The video will also be available to re-watch after Mass. Discussion Questions What observation speaks to you most profoundly today? What new insight have gained? Have you ever questioned Jesus as Martha did in […]

Homily Connect: Mar 22

Fourth Sunday in Lent 1SM 16:1B, 6-7, 10-13A | EPH 5: 8-14 | JN 9:1-41 Discussion Questions Have you ever felt like or acted like the Pharisees in this Gospel? What is the most difficult thing about seeing others as Jesus does? Are you able to empathize with the outcasts in your world today? Do […]

Homily Connect: Mar 15

Third Sunday in Lent EX 17:3-7 | ROM 5:1-2, 5-8 | JN 4:5-42 <Homily video will be posted soon> Watch Entire Mass Here Discussion Questions What was your initial reaction to the person of the Samaritan women?  Judgement? Sadness? What was your initial reaction to Jesus conversation with her? Have you ever encountered a modern-day […]

Homily Connect: Mar. 8

Second Sunday in Lent GEN 12:1-4a | 2TIM 1: 8b-10 | MT 17:1-9 Discussion Questions What do you think Peter, James and John felt like in this passage? Describe your mountaintop or where you would like it to be. How often do you go there or would you go there? What have been or would […]

Homily Connect: Mar. 1

First Sunday in Lent GN 2:7-9 3:1-7 | ROM 5:12-19 | MT 4:1-11 Discussion Questions What was your reaction to the description of the desert in regard to what is going on in your mind and heart? Could you identify from personal experience? Do you struggle with the three P’s? Have you experienced Jesus in […]

Homily Connect: Feb. 23

Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time LV 19:1-2, 17-18 | 1COR 3:16-23 | MT 5:38-48 Discussion Questions What was your reaction to the opening story of the Truck Driver? How would you sum up today’s Scripture focuses in your own words? What are your challenges to “revenge vs. resolution? How did you do on the “holiness […]

Homily Connect: Feb. 16

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time   Sir 15:15-20 | 1COR 2: 6-10 | MT 5:17-37 Discussion Questions What was your reaction to the opening story of the Young Man and the Bird? How would you sum up today’s Scripture focus in your own words? What are your challenges to “right living”? What areas of your […]

Homily Connect: Feb. 9

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time   IS 58:7-10 | 1COR 2: 1-5 | MT 5:13-16 Discussion Questions Name someone you know who spreads the salt and light of Jesus in the world. Explain. Name one of your personality traits or abilities that you might own as your salt or light. What are your challenges of […]

Homily Connect: Feb. 2

The Presentation of the Lord MAL 3:1-4 | HEB 2: 14-18 | LK 2:22-40   Discussion Questions Who is someone in your life today that you might consider a faith-filled elder? Is there some wisdom that this person shared that may have impacted you? What is the most challenging thing today about communicating with elders […]

Homily Connect: Jan. 26

Third Sunday of Ordinary Time IS 8:23-9:3 1 | COR 1: 10-13 | MT 4:12–23 Discussion Questions How do you fell about using your Bible on a regular basis? Do you look at the daily readings? Can you describe moments in your life when you felt you were living in darkness? Did someone bring the […]

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