Appleton, WI

We are a Welcoming Catholic Community of Disciples Centered in Jesus Christ

Moving Outward to Fulfill God’s Mission.


Core Values

A Catholic Community to Call Home

Welcoming – We warmly acknowledge everyone by smiling and introducing ourselves.

Nurturing – We embrace new members with open hearts to become part of the parish family.

Being Open – We encourage and respectfully listen to new ideas.

Understanding – We patiently support each other during good times, times of change and times of hardship.

Accepting – We accompany everyone where they are in their faith journey.

A Catholic Community of Disciples Centered in Jesus Christ

Believing – We profess our belief in the Good News of Jesus Christ in word and action.

Transforming – We joyfully embrace the Word and Sacraments to deepen our friendship with Jesus.

Searching – We create a place where people can openly discuss their faith and spirituality.

Unique Calling – We help each other discover their own God-given gifts from the Holy Spirit to build up the Body of Christ.

A Catholic Community Moving Outward to Fulfill God’s Mission

Living Mercy – We compassionately serve those in need, especially our vulnerable and marginalized brothers and sisters.

Giving – We share our God-given gifts to benefit others.

Evangelizing – We who are committed to the Gospel share with others our experiences of Jesus Christ.

Adopted June 6, 2017 by the Pastoral Leadership Council

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