Appleton, WI

February 27 Homily Connect

HOMILY CONNECT–FEBRUARY 27 2022 EIGHTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME Scripture: 1Sm 27:4-7   1Cor 15:54-58   LK 6:39-45   BRIAN MCKEEVER –AN AMAZING STORY Most decorated Paralympian in Para Cross Country Skiing Visually impaired – only 10% vision – lost sight at age 19 –degenerative eye disease His brother trains with him and is his eyes-he guides […]

February 20 Homily Connect

SEVENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME THERE IS THIS STORY Two brothers on neighboring farms fell into conflict after 40 years They share machinery, labor, goods – no conflict Small misunderstanding grew into a major difference – tempers exploded – then silence One morning a carpenter was at the door of the older brother seeking work-who […]

February 6 Homily Connect

FIFTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME  Scripture Is 6:1-2a-3-8   1Cor 15:1-11   LK 5:1-11 WAY BACK WHEN Before I officially became your shepherd, I met with the Leadership Team  Talked about knowing why we do what we do- it’s more important than how we do it Jesus is the ground from which all ministry grows – […]