Appleton, WI

Sept 12 Homily Connect

Scripture: Is 50:5-9a    Jas 2:14-18    Mk 8:27-35 Looking to Eternity   Twenty years is 1/1000 or 1 millionth of the blink of an eye Yet is marks the passing of a significant amount of time 911 seems like yesterday because of the horrific event Difficulty sleeping at night for two to three weeks […]

Sept 5 Homily Connect: Can you hear me now?

Scripture: Is 35:4-7a Jas 2:1-5 Mk 7:31-37 Can You Hear Me Now? A Native American Walking with a friend in downtown New York – hears a cricket Friend responds – Your crazy – It’s too noisy here Native American was sure he heard it – Listened attentively Checked in large cement planter and found the […]