Appleton, WI

March 31: Day by Day with Father Bill

WEDNESDAY OF HOLY WEEK “SPY WEDNESDAY” -from The Three Days of Pascha by Nathan Mitchell   Is history the central focus of celebration during the Triduum? Certainly, the early Christian creeds anchored belief in the historical, this-worldly circumstances that accompanied Jesus’ suffering and crucifixion under Pontius Pilate. Jesus’ life, career and death were, in other words, attached to a specific time, […]

March 30: Day by Day with Father Bill

TUESDAY OF HOLY WEEK -from Fr Henri Nouwen’s The Road to Daybreak   The voice of despair says, “I sin over and over again. After endless promises to myself and others to do better next time, I find myself back again in the old dark places. Forget about trying to change. I have tried for years. […]

March 29: Day by Day with Father Bill

MONDAY OF HOLY WEEK   -from Father Austin Fleming, The Concord Pastor   I ask you to help me, Lord, to make and keep this week holy… I hope and pray this week will be peaceful – that I’ll make some time to spend with you alone and time to go to church on these […]

March 27/28: Day by Day with Father Bill – Weekend Edition

Some of you commented that you appreciated the inclusion in the Prayers of the Faithful last Sunday of the following petition: That our LGBTQ+ sisters and brothers and their families and friends may know that our parish family is a haven of welcome, for we believe that wherever there is unselfish and self-sacrificing love, there […]

Mar 28 Homily Connect: Passion of the Lord

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord March 28, 2021 Gospel – Mk 11:1-10 Mk 14:1—15:47 Kneeling in Jerusalem by Ann Weems Holy Week Holy is the week… Holy, consecrated, belonging to God… We move from hosanna to horror with predictable ease of those who know not what they do. Our hosannas sung, our […]

March 26: Day by Day with Father Bill

FRIDAY OF THE FIFTH WEEK OF LENT FOR A NEW BEGINNING by John O’Donohue In out-of-the-way places of the heart, Where your thoughts never think to wander, This beginning has been quietly forming, Waiting until you were ready to emerge. For a long time it has watched your desire, Feeling the emptiness growing inside you, […]

March 25: Day by Day with Father Bill

SOLEMNITY OF THE ANNUNCIATION OF THE LORD In the Kitchen  by Fr Kilian McDonnell, OSB   Giotto* got it wrong. I was not kneeling on my red satin cushion      in a shaft of light, head slightly bent. Actually I had just come back from the well. Placing the pitcher on the table I […]

March 24: Day by Day with Father Bill

WEDNESDAY OF THE FIFTH WEEK OF LENT -from Fr Henri Nouwen, The Road to Daybreak This morning I meditated on God’s eagerness to forgive me, revealed in these words: As far as the East is from the West, so far does God remove my sin. (Psalm 103:2) In the midst of all my distractions, I was touched by […]

March 23: Day by Day with Father Billo

TUESDAY OF THE FIFTH SUNDAY OF LENT IN MEMORIAM Eternal Rest Grant, O Lord, on those who lost their lives so senselessly and brutally in Atlanta. DELAINA ASHLEY YAUN, 33 PAUL ANDRE MICHELS, 54 XIAOJIE TAN, 49 DAOYOU FENG, 44 ELCIAS R HERNANDEZ-ORTIZ, 30 SOON CHUNG PARK, 74 HYUN JUNG GRANT, 51 -from Cardinal Blase […]

March 22: Day by Day with Father Bill

MONDAY OF THE FIFTH WEEK OF LENT   from Pope Francis’ Prayer for the Victims of War in the backdrop of the rubble of four churches destroyed by ISIS, Mosul, Iraq, March 7, 2021   Today all of us raise our voices in prayer to Almighty God for all the victims of war and armed […]