Appleton, WI

Oct 21: Day by Day with Father Bill

Wednesday of the twenty-ninth week in Ordinary Time

From Sometimes I Have to Let Go and It Is the Only Thing I Can Do by Eric Immel, SJ, The Jesuit

Autumn trees will eventually go bare. After a moment of brilliance, the leaves will let go. Their departure makes way for the starkness of winter. But as Karl Rahner observes, in winter we’re able to see deeper into the forest. We gaze deeper into that unknown which has the power to terrify us, but also the power to draw us back to warmth and to each other…Now might be a time of letting go. Maybe that’s just what we need. We can only control so much, It is, after all, an act of faith to surrender ourselves to something bigger, something yet to be seen, something perhaps a little scary, but something that is, with hope, not so far off.

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