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Sep 9: Day by Day with Father Bill


Born in Spain in 1580, Fr Peter Claver spent his ministry in Columbia among the African slaves, many on ships destined for the Americas. During his forty years of unselfish love, Fr Claver baptized around 300,000 persons and heard the confessions of 5000 persons per year!

A young, charismatic friar who I follow on Twitter is Father Casey Cole. He recently posted this timely reflection:

If my spouse comes to me in obvious pain and asks Do you love me, an answer of I love everyone would be truthful, but also hurtful and cruel. If a co-worker comes to me upset and says My father just died, a response of Everyone’s parents die, would be truthful, but hurtful and cruel in the moment. So when a friend speaks up in a time of obvious pain and hurt and says, Black lives matter, a response of All lives matter is truthful. But it’s hurtful and cruel in the moment.

Let the cries of our Black sisters and brothers reach into our hearts so that we might stand up and speak out for equality and justice for all across our land.

St Father Peter Claver, pray for us!

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