Appleton, WI

Aug 27: Day by Day with Father Bill


-From Christ Is Alive! by Pope Francis:

When God asks something of you, or simply makes you face life’s challenges, he is hoping that you will make room for him to push you, to help you grow. He does not get upset if you share your questions with him. He is concerned when you don’t talk to him, when you are not open to dialogue with him. The Bible tells us that Jacob fought with God (Genesis 32:25-31), but that did not keep him from persevering in his journey. The Lord himself urges us:”Come, let us argue it out.” (Isaiah 1:18) His love is so real, so true, so concrete, that it invites us to a relationship of openness and fruitful dialogue. Seek the closeness of our heavenly Father in the loving face of his courageous witnesses on earth.

Saint Monica, beg the Lord to shine his tender care on mothers everywhere who worry about their children, especially those daughters and sons who are estranged from their families or who have lost their way. Just as the Lord heard your prayer for Augustine, your mixed-up son, so may the Lord hear the prayers of mothers who cry themselves to sleep. Jesus, heal our broken-hearted children and bring them home to you and their families.

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