Appleton, WI

Aug 2: Day by Day with Father Bill


When a Little Was Enough by Sister Irene Zimmerman

Jesus looked at the crowd (there were about five thousand)
and looked at his disciples, still excited and tired
from their first mission journey.
What had they learned from the villagers of Galilee
who shared bread and sheltered them from cold night winds?
What had they learned of human coldness on the way?
He remembered the pain in his mother’s voice
as she told of his birth night when they found no room
in all of Bethlehem, House of Bread.
“You give them something to eat!” he said.
“We have only five loaves and two fish!” they protested. “How can we feed so many with so little?”
They had yet to learn that a little was enough
when it was all they had –
that God could turn the very stones to bread.

Happy Sunday!

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