Appleton, WI

Feb. 2: In Joy and Sorrow With Fr. Bill

Recently Pope Francis had a special audience with the President of Iraq. I would like to be a fly on the wall in these meetings between Pope Francis and world leaders. There is much protocol that I don’t always appreciate and I suspect doesn’t matter that much to Pope Francis either. There is always an […]

NEW Informal Group

Gather to share faith and discuss the weekend Scriptures on Wednesday mornings from 9-10:30 am in Room 209 at St. Joseph Parish. Everyone is welcome!

Book Club

The book club meets on the second Tuesday of the month at St. Mary from 6 pm – 7pm. Upcoming discussions include: February: Heartland: A Memoir of Working Hard and Being Broke in the Richest Country on Earth by Sara Smarsh March: Raft of Stars by Andrew J Graff April: The Night Watchman by Louise […]

Homily Connect: Jan. 26

Third Sunday of Ordinary Time IS 8:23-9:3 1 | COR 1: 10-13 | MT 4:12–23 Discussion Questions How do you fell about using your Bible on a regular basis? Do you look at the daily readings? Can you describe moments in your life when you felt you were living in darkness? Did someone bring the […]

Jan 26: In Joy and Sorrow by Fr. Bill

Ever since our childhood days, we have experienced the power of a story. Whenever I preach to God’s precious little children, I like to bring a storybook with me. Truth be told, I don’t think we adults would mind having a story read to us from a beautifully illustrated book now and then. A lecture […]

Homily Connect: Jan 19

Second Sunday of Ordinary Time IS 49:3, 5-6 | 1 COR 1:1-3 | JN 1:29-34 No video today due to technical difficulties. However, you may read the Homily here. Discussion Questions Name a moment in your life when you clearly felt God’s love for you. Tell somebody about that moment. Describe a time in your […]

Jan 19: In Joy and Sorrow by Fr. Bill

Last Tuesday morning, my day was unfolding as usual. You need to know that I am a creature of habit. After my time in prayer with the Lord, with my cup of coffee and my half glass of pomegranate juice (or cranberry or V8 juice), I have my very predictable breakfast. This is always a […]

Jan 12: In Joy and Sorrow by Fr. Bill

One last time, I’d like to turn to Ann Weems and her book of Christmas poetry, titled Kneeling in Bethlehem. I must admit a certain guilt about stuffing the Holy Family into a box in the aftermath of Christmas. It’s frankly a time of personal triumph when, each Advent’s eve, I free them (and the […]

Homily Connect: Jan. 12

Baptism of the Lord IS 42:1-4, 6-7 | ACTS 10:34-38 | MT 3:13-17 Gospel: Homily: Discussion Questions Do you know when and where you were baptized or any of the details of your baptism? What do you think of the Jewish myth discussed? When has it been the easiest to remember that you are the […]

Homily Connect: Jan. 5

Epiphany of the Lord IS 60:1-6 | EHP 3:2-3A, 5-6 | MT 2:1-12 Discussion Questions Do I believe that Jesus is the gift of gifts that could not be contained? If so, what might be my experience of this? How important is it to me that my Church have a monopoly on the “Truth?” How […]